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Group Subscription Plans
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Contents Academic Libraries Description Price: FTE Population
Subscribe   Institutional group rate discounts are available to 4-year colleges and universities through IP access. Special discounts are also available to 2-year community colleges.Pricing is based on student population. >New 2016 Academic Library Product Guide ( PDF)
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Types of Reports Corporate Libraries Description Price: FTE Users
Samples   Small, mid-size, or large corporations can gain access to U.S. Business Reporter for hundreds or thousands of managers and professionals at a company. >New 2016 Corporate Library Product Guide (PDF)
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FAQ Public Libraries Description Method: Population
Editorial Policy   Public libraries can access the U.S. Business Reporter web site through a single or multiple library subscription plan within a local community. Cost is based on the total population within a given city or county. >New 2016 Public Library Product Guide (PDF)
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Special Libraries Description Price: FTE
    Our special library subscription plan is designed for institutional usage. This includes municipal and federal government libraries. Please contact an Account Specialist for more information. >New 2016 Special Library Product Guide (PDF)
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  School Libraries Description Price: Flat Rate
    School libraries ( K -12 grade) can take maximum advantage of our innovative business and economic content for student prepatory classes to college. This product is an important foundation to higher education needs. >New 2016 School Library Product Guide (PDF)
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