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Research Guide
Corporate Reports Preface  
Industry Reports How data is compiled ?  
Investment Reports How ratios are compiled ?  
Market Share Reports Forecast Methodology  
Retail Reports    
Economic Reports Getting Started with U.S. Business Reporter.  
Business Law Reports    
  Financial Data  
  How Financial Ratios are compiled ?  
Online Print Guides How Banking Ratios are compiled ?  
USBR User Guide [ PDF ] Understanding Insurance Ratios.  
USBR Librarian Guide [ PDF ] How to Read a Financial Report ?  
  Financial Revisions and Restatements.  
  Disclosures & Notes to Financial Statements.  
  Industry Data  
  Industry Forecasts and Estimates.  
  How Industry Ratios are compiled.?  
  Investment Data Guide  
  Understanding Stock Data  
  Performing Stock Research with U.S.Business Reporter  
  Marketing Data  
  How to Analyze a Market Share Report.  
  Geodemographical Data  
  Business Demographics  
  Retail Sales Data  
  Economic Data  
  Statistical Data and Extracts  
  Statistical Modeling Techniques  
  Searching for Information.  
  Search Tips  
  PSIC/SIC Identification System  
  Graphs & Charts  
  Understanding Charts and Graphs.  
  Symbol Charts  
  Using Information Tools  
  Call Numbering System  
  Advanced Topics  
  Keyboard Speed Keys  
  Contacting Technical Support  
  Miscellaneous Topics  
  Visually Impaired Access  
  Conversion to Foreign Languages.