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Call Numbers.

Call Numbers ( Call No.) are designed to track information internally by U.S. Business Reporter' staff. However, its also designed for users to identify specific reports in the archive data base. It's basically a reference point to locate reports on our server. Users should write this number on a piece of paper if they wish to refer or retrieve reports by call number since reports are revised on a sporadic basis. In other words , there is no specific time line when a report is revised by date.

Call Number Identification.

Call numbers use a six-digit identification code to identify the date when the document was revised. Each call number is unique which means no two reports have the exact call number. The first two digits of a call number identify the month the report or article was revised. The next two digits (digits three and four) identify the day the report or article was revised. Finally, the last two digits (digits five and six), identify the year the report or article was revised. For instance, a report revised on September 30, 2003 would have the call number 093003 which identifies that specific report.

Sometimes, different industry reports may be revised on the same day. In this case, the date will be used as the call number followed by an alphabetical letter. For instance, if the Electric Utility and Apparel Industry were updated on the same day, September 30, 2002, then both industries would be designated as 093002 . But the Electric Utility Industry would be classified with a letter on the end such as 093002A and Apparel would be 093002B and so forth.