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Types of Formats.

As a customer, you can choose between two separate formats of U.S. Business Reporter for reports. U.S. Business Reporter (USBR) offers two types of formats: HTML and PDF.

Electronic Reports are HTML-based and are generated from a data base server. Electronic reports are the most efficient to access since the entire report remains electronic. Electronic report formats are available ONLY to institutional subscribers and offer the fastest access to viewing reports. Electronic reports allow subscribers to visit links much more quickly accross the report or even different reports.Electronic Reports are available for immedite access when you subscribe (Workgroup subscription Only).

PDF- Format reports are word processor based and look exactly like a regular report with tables and graphs organized into one package.This is available only through the USBR Research Store for transactional purchases only.The PDF format is better for customers who feel the output and form of the report are more important.


HTML Format
Keys Benefits
> HTML reports offers the fastest access to data since information is kept entirely electronic.
> Industry standard format
> Fastest data access and transmission of content.
Key Featuresrts
> Available by subscription to ALL customers.
PDF Format
Keys Benefits
> Offers tighter content integration and has the look and feel of an executive-style report with tables and graphs.
> Access any report without subscribing.
> Can be lower in cost than subscribing.
Key Features
> Available through U.S. Business Reporter Research Store.

Note: Institutional customers can access both HTML and PDF-formats simultaneously.



















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